When Tears Leave Scars: A True Story of Triumph Over Emotional Abuse by Allison K. Dagney

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This was a great story. Allie is an inspiration for all women who are going through this same evil. You must read.

MomNC - Amazon Reviewer

Incredible True Story of Overcoming Hidden Abuse!

Emotional abuse is a subject not many are aware of, because it hides like the devil in disguise. Allie’s true story reveals emotional abuse, and it’s detrimental affects on mental and physical health. It is incredibly well written, and there were so many parallels to Allie’s story that I could relate to in my own life experience. Her immense strength is truly inspiring and I found myself cheering out loud for her when she stood up to her abuser. So raw, real and eye opening. Allie, you're amazing!!!

Ashley F - Amazon Reviewer

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When Tears Leave Scars
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