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Emotional Abuse Recovery

with Allison K. Dagney



Helping women shake off the past

and step into an empowered,

peace-filled future.



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Get Ready to...


-Uncover the Source of Your Emotional Pain

-Stop Ruminating Over the Painful Past and Fears of the Future

-Feel Indifference to How Other People Behave

-Let Go of Regret, Shame and Embarrassment

-Release Anger and Fear

-Prevent Emotional Triggers

-Move Forward with Peace and Empowerment

"This is truly life changing...

This program and Allison's coaching are beyond what I expected. Working with Allison is like working with a non-judgmental friend you have known your whole life. I used to feel anxious and unsure and now I feel calm and peaceful



"This process has given me the tools to help myself...

Before this I felt hopeless, sad and full of despair. Now I have hope and the tools to work through my negative thoughts and emotions. Now I feel better about myself!



"This was invaluable to me!

I am 100% in a much better place than when I started! There is such a weight lifted off my shoulders and I feel incredible and hopeful for what is to come!


What is this all about?

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Hi, I'm Allison

I know how hard it can be trying to heal from emotional abuse...

I have been there too...

For 20 years I suffered under the control and abuse of a covert narcissist...

And for more than 4 years after that I searched relentlessly for something to help me recover...

Nothing worked....until I discovered Rapid Reprogramming™...

Because I got the transformational results I did, I want to share the same with you. 

You can recover and I am proof of that. So are my clients!

So, If you would like to learn more and explore working with me 1 on 1, send me a message.

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My life will never be the same and it’s all thanks to Rapid Reprogramming!"



Everything is so LESS. My triggers are less, my anxiety is less, my panic is less, my worry is so less. And what's more is...more happiness, more peace, more understanding myself, more calm, and way more gratitude!"


I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

...And for some reason after our session, I am seeing this completely differently. That is insane progress for me. I don’t think that ever happened that fast!"



No more rumination!"

Are You Ready to Emotionally Empower Yourself Once and For All?

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If you are ready to start making lasting changes to how you feel instead of coping, start your journey today. 

Enroll in the coaching program today so you can start experiencing the relief of Rapid Reprogramming™ within a few short weeks!

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