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Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind for Greater Peace

A subconscious reprogramming mediation designed to give you a head start for reprogramming negative and limiting beliefs to help you recover from emotional abuse.


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Free Training: How to Stop Thinking of Your Ex in the Fastest Way Possible

Ruminating over the past? Wondering why your ex gets to live their best life? Frustrated because you can't turn off the thoughts? This 3o minute training is for you!

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 Discussing all things healing, plus weekly bonus episodes

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It's time to get lasting results & step into your power...

Allison K. Dagney is dedicated to getting clients out of the fog and into the light of emotional wellness. We focus on more than just surface level coping and temporary changes.

Instead, what you'll find here are transformational shifts in how you feel and behave by getting to the source of your desired results...your programming!

Allison not only facilitates proven techniques to get you out of the fog and into the light, but customizes your healing experience to your specific needs.

What we know for certain is that if you want the life of your dreams you also need the programming that supports it.


"This is truly life changing...

I feel grounded and I feel like there is a whole world still open to me and I can leave the past in the past. This is truly life changing.



"This process has given me the tools to help myself...

immediate major changes started taking place in my life during my time in the program. I do not believe this to be a coincidence, because this subconscious work actually has a lot to do with how we see the world around us, how we show up each day, and thus what our environment reveals to us."

     ~Mandy H


"This was invaluable to me!

...I am 100% in a much better place than when I started! There is such a weight lifted off my shoulders and I feel incredible and hopeful for what is to come! HUGE insights came out of those calls."     ~Marium

Hi, I'm Allison

I've navigated the challenging path of transforming my life after enduring 20 years of control and abuse from a covert narcissist. My relentless search for healing led me to the transformative tools of Rapid Reprogramming‚ĄĘ, EFT, and Human Design, which not only helped me recover but also catapulted me onto an upward trajectory of empowerment and personal growth. Inspired by the profound changes I experienced, my mission is to share these empowering modalities with you. Let's focus on creating the life you were born to live‚ÄĒa life of empowerment, vitality, and becoming the best version of YOU. I'm proof that positive transformation is possible, and together, we can set you on a path of living the life you were destined for.

"My life will never be the same and it’s all thanks to this work!"


"I have more happiness, more peace, more understanding myself, more calm, and way more gratitude!"


"...And for some reason after our sessions, I am seeing this completely differently. That is insane progress for me. I don’t think that ever happened that fast!"


"Honestly this coaching is priceless, I've never experienced anything as effective as this process and I've tried a lot of different practices, I found out the other things I tried focused on the conscious mind, not the subconscious and that's the difference here--we're not focusing on the symptoms were focusing on the root cause."


Thank You Allison! You've healed scars I've had for over 40 years!


Allison is an amazing, inspirational coach--kind, reliable, consistent, trustful and loyal. She shows great care and empathy to my emotions and thoughts. Her patience is incredible. I am so glad I hired her as my coach!


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"Allison, I am just beyond grateful for having your expertise and you're just so phenomenal at what you do. You've completely changed my life and you got me through those hardest hardest moments where I was going crazy when my ex was just doing ridiculous stuff. I will never ever in my entire lifetime forget that you were there for me. You didn't have to be. You barely knew me and yet you showed up for me and I will forever be so grateful for that!"

History & Service

Allison K. Dagney has been in business as a coach since January of 2022. She has conducted more than 400  Coaching sessions with clients all over the world.

This business provides dedicated support services for women seeking to transform their lives, empowering them to elevate their existence, break through limitations, and embody their highest selves with confidence and purpose.

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